Seneca Klassen, Founder and Chocolate Grower of Lonohana Estate Chocolate has the rare distinction of being both a farmer and a chocolate maker. He brings a decade of knowledge about sourcing, propagating seedlings and farming cacao in Hawaii, as well as crafting small batch fine chocolate. He was co-founder of Bittersweet Café in Oakland California, where he was also one of the early craft chocolate makers in America, and he continues to consult on their bean-to-bar chocolate program. He was a curator at the inaugural Slow Food Nation 2008 in San Francisco and one of the founding organizers of the Good Food Awards in 2010. He lives in Honolulu with his daughter, Emma. Emma's mom Lisa helps with Lonohana’s local sales efforts and has been a lifeline during the past four years. Emma and her friends serve as official taste testers, helping hands at the farm and factory, and most of all as inspiration forward.

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