What's in a Name?
Lonohana is a mash-up of two Hawaiian words. The first word is lono and the second is ‘ohana.

In Hawaiian mythology, Lono is the God of agriculture, rain, fertility, music and peace. A pretty cool dude! All of those aspects play an important role in our lives and our cacao-growing project. Without rain and fertility, our trees would never survive or bear fruit. Seneca and Lawrence were in one of 'the greatest bands ever' in high school; and every one of us and our children continues to have music (and hula) as a critical part of our lives. Lono being the God of Peace is also fitting as the chocolate industry can have a very dark underbelly, and we hope that we can help to further the awareness of Hawaii-grown cacao and offer an alternate source for peacefully farmed cacao.

The second word in the mash–up is ‘ohana. This is a very important word here in the islands, as it loosely translates to family, but includes the sense of extended or adopted family. You can rightfully say that our two families are each other’s ‘ohana. We aren't blood-related, but are deeply connected by the decades we have known and grown together; and through this project, we know that will continue for us, and our children.

There are even more hidden words and stories that can be found in Lonohana, but we'll leave those for another time. Perhaps when you come and visit!

Our Families
Seneca and Lawrence grew up in a small farming town in Central California. Driving home from school each day meant a stop off at the general store to procure some snacks. While sometimes it resulted in a bottle of Yoohoo and a Hostess Pie, it was also common for Seneca to buy ingredients for brownies or (on a special day) chocolate soufflé. We were always around land and farming, and whenever possible consumed a lot of chocolate. Over 25 years we formed a bond akin to brothers, and our wives and children have grown to become great friends. Together our families have planted, weeded, ploughed and mowed, pruned, harvested, fermented, winnowed, ground and tempered together.

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