We manufacture our chocolate in small batches at our factory in Honolulu. We release three unique batches every eight weeks, with no two batches ever the same. Our fruit is picked at optimal ripeness and fermented using techniques designed to highlight the strongest characteristics of our cacao. Our bars are made using various percentages of cacao, different inclusion ingredients, and a variety of fermentation techniques, all intended to produce diverse and world-class chocolate.

As well as pure chocolate bars, we produce an ever-changing array of bars that incorporate organic Hawaii-grown inclusions. These can vary from coffee, macadamia nuts, cacao nibs, sea salts, fruits and spices – and while the list will always change based on what we find in season, we will always aim for 100% Hawaii-grown ingredients.

With the average chocolate bar on the shelf being 6-12 months old, we believe that by continuously producing bars throughout the year, our customers get to experience chocolate in its best state. We believe just like any food, chocolate should deliver intriguing aromas and textures, with balanced acidity and tannins. It should be true to its place of origin, and more than anything, should be natural and delicious.