Lonohana Estate Chocolate is located on the island of O‘ahu, Hawaii and is the result of two families’ dream to create a vertically integrated chocolate company here in the United States. By controlling the entire product cycle, starting with our own Hawaii-grown cacao all the way through crafting small batches of world-class chocolate bars in Honolulu, we hope to share where this beloved food comes from, how it is grown and made.

We propagated our own cacao seedlings, planted our first trees in 2009, and now farm 14 acres of cacao by hand on the North Shore of O‘ahu. We harvest the fruit, ferment and dry the beans, then hand craft small batches of chocolate bars every few weeks at our factory in Honolulu.

Everything starts in the orchard, and then evolves carefully at every step of the production process, so that the resulting bars are true expressions of fine Hawaiian chocolate. We have begun a journey to discover how the unique and diverse soils, weather and microclimates of Hawaii can grow world-class cacao, and to show these different characteristics through our chocolate. This journey reflects our desire to provide in miniature an alternate possible path for chocolate that focuses on transparency, the environment, farming lifestyle and the finest quality chocolate we can produce.

Due to our size and focus on limited runs of unique bars, we release our chocolate six times per year to members of the Lonohana Chocolate Club and through our retail store. We hope you will join us in this unique kind of chocolate company – from seed, to tree, to bean, to bar.